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Consolidated Life Producers, LLC (Consolpro) is a Life Insurance and Annuity Wholesaler. This website is designed for Professional Life and Annuity Insurance Producers (PLAIPs!) If you are not a PLAIP, you are visiting the wrong website and may want to click on your "back" or "home" button to avoid having to view all this boring insurance "stuff."  

For the PLAIPs:
You have either stumbled upon or intentionally gone to perhaps the greatest of all PLAIP sites! Here you can find Companies, Products, Forms, Sales Concepts, Ideas, an Idea exchange, current events and news affecting our industry, newsletters, calculators and so much more! 

Our Website is under construction, so not all features are functioning, however check back often...we are always improving our services to our PLAIPs!

Our website is for you, the producer.  Please call, e-mail or fax any comments, criticisms, witicisms, or suggestions to help us improve this site for your most efficient use.

PLAIP Testimonials:

"Working with Consolpro allows me to focus more on my clients and gives me the opportunity to get help choosing the right products based upon the client's specific needs"  M.L.

"I have been working with FMS and Consolpro since 1982.  For more than 27 years, their expertise has helped me build my annual income to more than I imagined." W.G."

"We use the expertise of this great organization to help run our seminars, put together our Estate planning team and choose the fixed products we offer our clients." M.V.
"Consolpro stays on top of the industry so I can focus more on my practice development, client management and managing my business. Their help is invaluable." R.S.

Consolpro has now made the
  .Available to its Producers!

This is the best, most compliant, Annuity Sales Process
Ever Created.

This is a self generating prospecting client referral machine. Teach your clients how to relate to their money in a simple, easy to understand model allowing them to identify what percent of their assets they want you to allocate to Fixed Annuities.

If you are currently selling annuities, would like to be in the annuity marketplace, or are a top annuity producer, this selling system will double your premium, increase your average case size, and increase your referral business.

Send us an e-mail  or call now!

Be part of our Hybrid Team because
Consolpro PLAIPs
Have the industries finest tools!
"Have your money and Income too" Strategy!
 (Since 1986 - so we know this works!)

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